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Samples Grabber

Sample Grabber is now available. Download Sample Grabber from CNet now.

Sample Grabber a PC Utility which uses an intelligent computer algorithm to extract samples from any sound file containing percussive events.


Sample Grabber Window

  • Got a drum loop – like the drums but not the rhythm?
  • Recorded everything (in the kitchen) including the kitchen sink and want to make it into a drum kit?

It can be a tedious business using a sound editor to extract the samples from your source file. Don’t worry, Sample Grabber is here to help!

Sample Grabber Pro

The Sample Grabber Pro is under development. It will have all the features of the Sample Grabber with the following enhancements:

  • The source file can be any popular sound file type – wav, aiff, mp3 etc.

  • Samples can be saved in stereo.

  • Samples files can be renamed and saved in a different folder.

  • The end point of a sample can be adjusted manually.

  • Filtering can be applied to a sample.

  • Enveloping can be applied to a sample.

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