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Pulsor Effects

Now The Pulsor effects can be downloaded for free! 

What’s more,  in both effects, a couple of features have been added to the ones included with The Pulsor. So, even if you already own The Pulsor, these effects will come in handy.



The Maverick Chorus

The Maverick Chorus effect uses a unique multi-tap chorus algorithm for enhanced depth and richness.

Download The Maverick Chorus For PC       


Download The Maverick Chorus  For MAC       

The Maverick Mangler

The mangler is so called because it ‘mangles’ the spectrum of the incoming audio. This causes coloration in certain frequency bands which adds character to the sound in the same way that an instrument body characterizes the sound of a musical instrument.

Download The Maverick Mangler For PC       


Download The Maverick Mangler For MAC