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Welcome to Maverick!

Who Are Maverick Synth.

Hi, I’m Chris Pidd, creator of The Pulsor. Welcome to this first post on the Maverick blog. In this post I shall be explaining what Maverick Synth is all about.

Maverick Synth exists because MUSIC MATTERS. I believe that music should be exciting – music should have attitude.

Music Matters

I believe music matters:

  • Music should be more important than something to fill up your ears while partying.

  • Music should have passion, anger, attitude, intensity.

  • Musicians & producers should want to stamp their identity on the music scene – create their own sound – push back the boundaries.

  • Music should be exciting.

Electronic Music Lacks Excitement

Music in general and electronic music, especially, has lacked excitement for quite a long time now. When did you last hear something that made you think “Wow what’s that?”, something that really made you sit up and take notice?

Maverick aim to put some of the excitement and originality and attitude back into making electronic music. To do this, we aim to introduce new sounds, new user interfaces and put some of the performance element back into electronic music.

Learning from Experience

Maverick Synth is the culmination of working for many years in high technology music. I started off designing synthesizers and sound processing gear for Novation and then Redsound. I was also involved heavily in the development of the Copperlan protocol.

Above all, I have spent many, many hours thinking about musical sounds – the way they’re created and the way they are played.

I got to thinking, if I started from scratch, what kind of synthesizer would I design?


I decided I would most like to put into a synthesizer is attitude – the rest is just coding. So what sort of attitude? Well the flying V guitar (pictured) has got to have more attitude than just about any other musical instrument which got me to thinking:

“I want design a synthesizer you can play with your teeth.”

I want to design a synthesizer that features sweat in its specifications.”

I want to design a synthesizer that your mother would disapprove of you owning.”

The Pulsor

OK, so it’s pretty unlikely that anyone could come up with a VST plugin with the same amount of attitude as an electric guitar. But, I look on the quote above as more of a mission statement – something to aim at.

In the mean time, I hope you find The Pulsor exciting and creative and I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

Chris Pidd – creator of The Pulsor.