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Music Matters

Maverick Synth exists because MUSIC MATTERS. We believe that music should be exciting – music should have attitude. Music should have passion, anger, attitude, intensity. Musicians & producers should want to stamp their identity on the music scene – create their own sound – push back the boundaries. Music should be exciting.

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The Pulsor

The Pulsor VSTi synthesizer is the first offering from Maverick Synth. In keeping with the Maverick Ethos it is unique in almost all it's aspects – from it's revolutionary new synthesis engine to it's intuitive modularity to it's unique look and feel. Find out about Pulsors and Phazors - at the heart of a brand new synthesizer engine.

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Sample Grabber

Sample Grabber is now available. Sample Grabber a PC Utility which uses an intelligent computer algorithm to extract samples from any sound file containing percussive events. Got a drum loop but don't like the rhythm? Recorded everything (in the kitchen) including the kitchen sink? Don't worry, Sample Grabber is here to help!

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